Gone...but not
These fallen leaves helped nourish our tree
Poor little butterfly on the walk
Pick him up, Rose, with a violet stalk,
Now in a lily leaf let him be wound
His Coffin a peapod, that Johnie has found

In Mother's flower pot let him be laid
Let the Geranium over him wave,
Rest little butterfly, in your nice bed
A rose at your feet and a stone at your head

"A favored poem of Maggie R. Sims"
~Author Unknown
Family, like butterflies, come and make a seemingly fleeting,
but lasting impression in our lives, and all too soon, they are
Gone...but not forgotten.
~Cynthia Sims Cann '07
Edith Barnes
Herman Barnes
James Barnes
Robert Barnes
Wilhemena Barnes
Tangi Bailey
Mae Lydia Bennet
Calvin Brewster
Bryant Boyd
Ivory Boyd
Laura Boyd
Rebecca Boyd
Deverly Brewster
Taiyanna Cann
Ernestine Sims Curl
Edward Davis
Edward Davis II
William Dickey, Jr.
Ruth Ellis
Helen Ray Ervin
Terrance Evans
Adam Fox
Irene Gainer
Charlie Gant
Fannie Gant
Isabel Gant
James Gant
Leona Gant
Rev. Peter Gant
Thelrese Gant
Green Hankerson
Nathaniel Hardy
Sandra Hardy
Iretha Bailey Hobbs
Dorothy Hodge
Johnnie Hodge
Thomas Hodge
Amy Howard
Annie Howard
Bishop Howard
Pinkey Sims Howard
Kamijah Ishmael
Claretha Jones
Geneva Thomas Lee
Jeffrey McRae
Maggie S. McSwain
Charles Maynard
Ruth Sims Maynard
Henrietta Miller Maxwell
Josephine Sims Maxwell
Sandra Maxwell
Addison Miller
Damari Milton
Tressie McSwain Mobley
Rowena Sims Morrison
Delphine Sims Perry
Rosalee Sims Powell
James Ray
Alfred Saulters
Heyward Scott
Edna Mae Scott
Norval Scott
Allen Sims
Arletha C. James Sims
Barney Sims
Delbert Sims
Elic Sims
Elihue Sims
Ernest E. Sims
Ike Sims
Inez Sims
Maggie Gant Sims
Mahalia Sims
Paul L. Sims
Philmore Sims
Thomas Sims
Thomas E. Sims
Bernice Thomas
Columbus Thomas
Henrietta Thomas
Josephine Thomas
Robert Ware
Wilma Sims Ware
Patricia Wesley
Dorothy Wesley
Deivan Ahmad Williams
Sylvia Sims Young
Bennie Zelders



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