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We the members of the Sims – Gant Family Club; in order to form a more perfect family, promote the general
welfare, and establish love, honor and respect for ourselves and our posterity, grateful to our Almighty God, do
ordain and establish these bylaws.

Article I: Purpose

The purpose of this family club (The Club) is to foster and maintain close family ties; To provide the young
members of the family the opportunity to bond with each other, and to learn from older members; to foster the
building of character within our children; to instill within them cultural consciousness and intellectual, moral,
practical and emotional responsibility, and other values that are consistent with the growth and well being of this
family; to raise funds for scholarships, senior member and bereavement gifts, and family gatherings; to
acknowledge births, illnesses and major achievements; and to research and maintain family records for future

A.  To organize family reunions, Christmas parties and other gatherings.
B.  To give flowers and condolences to relatives of the Sims – Gant family.
C.  To provide Christmas, birthdays and Mother’s or Father’s Day gifts to our most senior family member (defined
by our genealogy
records).  To organize fundraisers.
1.  To promote educational summits that provides our children with family steered opportunities to learn life  
2.  To fund scholarships and gifts.

Article II: Membership

Classes of memberships
1.  Family – through birth, adoption or marriage to a family member, with all membership rights.
2.  Honorary – must be recommended by a family member and voted on by the body, with all membership rights.
3.  Unless specifically identified as Family or Honorary Class member, both classes will be considered “family
4.  All offspring of the family members are required to become full paying members after their 18th birthday.
5.  Those who seek to further their education are exempt form paying dues for 5 years maximum, after completing
high school.
6.  Young family members who become married before the age of 18 must pay the same dues as all other family
7.  Unmarried children under the age of 18 will not pay dues.

Article III: Finance

A.  Family dues are accessed at $6.00 per month effective July 2005, and must be paid by May 30 of each
reunion year.  The most
senior member of the family is exempt from all monetary responsibilities.   The dues:
1.  Are to fund reunions and postage relating to meetings and reunions only.
2.  Records and collections are maintained and reported by the Treasurer.
B.  A Special Tax may be accessed to members by the mutual consent of the body.
C.  The Kitty is a collection:
1.  Funded by fines from those reporting to meetings late and unexcused absences.
2.  To fund the cost of condolences, flowers or the cash amount of $50, and the cost of postage.
3.  To fund the cost of gifts to the most senior member.
4.  Maintained by an elected Kitty Keeper who must report revenues and expenditures to the Financial Secretary.
D.  Fines
1.  Are accessed at a rate of $1.50 per meeting for unexcused absences.
2.  Are accessed at a rate of $1.00 per person for tardiness to a meeting.
E.  The Financial report must be read at each meeting.

Article IV: Meetings

A.  Meetings will be held quarterly, on the first Saturday of the month, at 4:00 p.m., effective the first Saturday in
March (March 4,
B.  All Club members shall bring a food dish.
C.  The President may call special meetings as necessary.
D.  Minutes of each meeting are to be prepared and forwarded to the President within 2 weeks of that meeting.  
Within another 2 weeks, the president will approve and forward copies to the Vice President and to the Web
Master for web posting, within one month after the meeting. Hard copies will be distributed to Club members at the
next meeting, or emailed to members upon request.
E.  Each meeting shall end with the family reciting the prayer from Genesis 31:49 “May the LORD watch between
you and me while we are absent one from the other”, Amen.

Article V: Officers

The Family Club officer’s duties are traditional except where noted.  Officers are elected every 2 years, on the
first Saturday in October, after each reunion.  Vacancies are filled as needed or at the next scheduled meeting.  
Officers and their duties are listed throughout the bylaws and are as follows:
A.  President (Chair) – To preside over meetings and functions of the Club, maintaining order and the smooth
processes of
discussions and votes; call meetings as needed or appropriate; disseminate and handle the communication of
between the Cub and outside interest; provide leadership, direction and to encourage participation in and for the
Club; oversee
and approve the expenditure of funds; and to encourage growth and overall stability of The Club.
B.  Vice-President (Vice-Chair) – Shall preside over all meetings in the absence of the president.  When
presiding, the vice-
president shall have all of the powers and duties of the president.
C.  Secretary – To record the minutes, and important decisions reached at all meetings.  Corrections of each
meeting’s minutes
shall be recorded and reported during reading of the current minutes; track the changes to The Club’s
membership; maintain
current member lists and contact information; maintain The Club’s website according to the agreed upon format;
provide proper
notification to members of all meetings and important events.  The secretary shall maintain a current copy of the
Club’s by-laws
and be prepared to consult the by-laws at meetings as necessary to resolve issues; to post minutes, and work
with the president
and family historian to post other agreed upon family information on The Club’s website.
D.  Assistant Secretary – Shall assist the secretary as needed and perform the duties of the Secretary in his/her
E.  Financial Secretary – to record and maintain the records of all business from fund-raisers, the collection of
dues and the status
of the kitty, and to report the records to the treasurer and to The Club as needed.   
F.  Treasurer – To collect and deposit dues and other funds, maintaining the records of all funds collected,
including those
collected from fund-raisers and from the kitty; to disburse funds for The Club’s expenditures as approved by The
Club or the
president; to provide a report of The Club’s financial status at all regular meetings.
G.  Kitty Keeper – To work in concert with the treasurer to collect, maintain, disburse, record and report late fees.
H.  Chaplain – To offer a prayer at meetings and other family events.
I.   Sergeant-at Arms – Shall assist the president in maintaining order in all meetings.
J.  Assistant Sergeant-at-Arms – Shall perform the duties of the Sergeant-at-Arms in his/her absence.
K.  Family Historian – To collect and maintain the vital statistics and special events of the family for historical
purposes and to use
this information to enlighten current and future members.  To preserve the integrity of the family history without
or omissions.  The Family Historian is a non-elected lifetime position with assistants from interested members.  
Based on the
interest and dedication of a member in our history.  The historian has the power, with input from The Club, to
appoint the
successive Family Historian.
L.  Family Web Master – To maintain the SimsGantFamily web site with pictures, family announcements, events,
items of a historical nature and to do so with the same integrity as that of our Family Club’s Purpose.  The Web
Master is a non-elected life time position with assistance from interested members until the Web Master is no
longer interested in holding the position.  Future Web Masters will be appointed by the President with approval
from the members

Article VI: Regulations

A.  The Club will establish a reunion committee with a 2-year term of office.
B.  The reunion food committee will be a standing committee with responsibilities that include:  See Article VII,
C.  Alcoholic beverages, drugs etc. will not be purchased by Club funds.
D.  For members with excused absences, copies of the minutes will be emailed by the president, vice president or
secretary upon request.
E.  Fine money will be place in the kitty or given to the treasurer.
F.  All dues will be given to the treasurer for disbursements or deposit.
G.  Committees will be created and selected by The Club or the President as needed.
H.  Quorum for regular meetings is 12, and for committees, the majority.
I.   The minutes: See Article IV, Meetings
J.  Minutes or a verbal report of each committee meeting will be given to the President if he/she could not attend.
K.  Officers are allowed two unexcused absences before The Club may elect or the president may temporarily
appoint alternatives
(until an election is held).
L.  The secretary will mail postcards of all pending club meetings to each “family head” (to be defined by that
family) within 2 weeks
of the forthcoming meeting.
M. No family member should act on behalf of the The Club without a vote from the members, or a directive from
the president.

Article VII: Committees

All committee member names will be published in writing to the president as soon as they are determined, and to
the Family Club at the next club meeting, provided they were not selected during a family club meeting.  The
president serves as ex-officio member of all committees.

A.  The By-laws committee - is comprised of 5-7 members, and is appointed by the president, with a quorum of 3.
responsibilities include: Researching, updating, revising and publishing the by-laws to the members via the
website or handouts
at meetings.  
B. The Food committee – is comprised of 5-7 members and is responsible for planning, buying, cooking and
organizing the food
and food container, cooking vessels and utensils for reunions and special events; and for soliciting assistance as
C. The Entertainment – is responsible for planning, buying and organizing games, programs and arranging the
setup for reunions
or special events.
D. The Host committee – is comprised of all members in the city and   those   who live within a 20-mile radius of
where the members
have voted to have the reunion or special event.  They are responsible for helping the Host Chairperson plan and
organize the
reunion or special event, by:
1.  Choosing and making reservations for the banquet location.
2.  Choosing and making reservations for the picnic location.
3.  Choosing and making arrangements for hotel reservations.
4.  Choosing a location for the fish fry.
5.  Preparing the reunion program.
6.  Choosing the best route and transportation to and from locations; and preparing maps as necessary.
7.  Assuring that all are aware that they are apart of the Clean-up-committee.
8.  Soliciting for and organizing assistance from members living within and outside the 20-mile radius of the
reunion site.
9.  To assure a smooth, efficient and enjoyable reunion.

Article VIII: Parliamentary Authority

A.  Only family members, as defined in ARTICLE II, are allowed to have a voice or to vote during meetings.

Article IX: Amendments to Bylaws

Upon completion of the by-laws, the by-laws will be considers the laws of The Club.  Changes or revisions will only
be made by the approval of the Family Club, during a regular club meeting, with a specific quorum of 11.  
Revisions must always be dated and posted to the family website prior to the next regular meeting.

Revised: 3/4/06, 3/23/06, 5/31/06, 9/1/06, 1/4/07, 1/6/07, 2/4/07, 10/2/10