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2019 Family Reunion
Sims-Gant Family
2019 Sims-Gant Reunion
Miramar, Florida
July 5th - July 7th

Greetings Family. The deadline to pay your dues for 2017- 2019 is May 31, 2019.  
What does your dues cover? I'm so glad that you asked; it does not just cover the cost of family
reunions.  In the past we have been able to provide scholarships to Gavin Blatch, Ashad Hipps, and
Arthur Mack V to name a few.  Also we have been able to send flowers or cash to family members
who have lost loved ones when funds are available.  Over the years these funds have been
depleted. The family dues for two years is $96.00 which equates to $4 a month per adult.  There is a
snippet of the By-Laws below which goes into detail about dues. As stated in the meeting minutes,
an account has been created to assist with collecting the dues so that we can begin preparations
for the family reunion.   Dues may be sent payable to:

Katrina Sims
P.O. Box 970276
Miami, FL 33197-0276

Dues may also be paid via Paypal on the 2019 Family Reunion page to the left.

Check out the Reunion and Current Minutes pages on the left for updates. Feel free to e-mail me at
Article III: Finance

A.  Family dues are assessed at $4.00 per month, and must be paid by May 31 of
each reunion year.  The most senior member of the family is exempt from all
monetary responsibilities.   The dues:
1.  Are to fund reunions and postage relating to meetings and reunions only.
2.  Records and collections are maintained and reported by the Treasurer.
B.  A Special Tax may be accessed to members by the mutual consent of the

C.  The Kitty is a collection:
1.  Funded by fines from those reporting to meetings late and unexcused
2.  To fund the cost of condolences, flowers or the cash amount of $50, and the
cost of postage.
3.  To fund the cost of gifts to the most senior member.
4.  Maintained by an elected Kitty Keeper who must report revenues and
expenditures to the Financial Secretary.
D.  Fines
1.  Are accessed at a rate of $1.50 per meeting for unexcused absences.
2.  Are accessed at a rate of $1.00 per person for tardiness to a meeting.
E.  The Financial report must be read at each meeting.